2021 Omaha Primary Election Voters Guide

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha voters are already – or will soon be – casting their ballots for the city’s primary.

Early voters who want to vote in person have until 5 p.m. on Monday to do so. The office of the electoral commission is open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for early voting.

People with voting slips sent by post have until Tuesday, 8 p.m. to deposit them in an official ballot box or in the office of the electoral commission. Anyone who hasn’t received their ballot should check their status online.

Keep track of your postal ballot with the Douglas County Election Commission.(WOWT)

You can find ballot boxes in the following locations:

  1. City / district building: 1819 Farnam St.
  2. South Omaha Library: 2808 Q St.
  3. Charles B. Washington Library: 2868 Ames Ave.
  4. Clarkson College Parking Lot 8: 42nd and Farnam Streets
  5. Goodwill: 4805 N. 72nd St.
  6. Ralston Police Department: 7400 Main St., Ralston
  7. Asian Market: 321 N. 76th St.
  8. Milton R. Abraham’s Library: 5111 N. 90th St.
  9. Douglas County Electoral Commission: 12220 W. Center Road
  10. Douglas County Engineering Office: 15505 W. Maple Road
  11. Millard Public Schools Foundation: 5225 S. 159th Ave.
  12. Spring Ridge Shopping Center: 178th and Pacific Streets
  13. Bess Johnson Elkhorn Library: 2100 Reading Plaza, Elkhorn

Mayoral candidate profiles

The big race of this election is the mayoral primary. 6 News spoke to each of the candidates about their vision for the city. Below is a brief overview:

Mark Gudgel

“When I talk to my high school graduates, they don’t tell me they aren’t smart enough to go to college – they know they are. It is that they are afraid of debt. You have seen what debt can do to people. And they don’t want that – and I can respect that. “

Jasmine Harris

“You have to feel uncomfortable to make changes. Change is always uncomfortable. But in order for everyone to have an Omaha that will work, we need to open up to the inconvenience and think about how we can create change and make it better for everyone, regardless of their zip code. “

RJ Neary

“I asked people what they wanted to change in the city of Omaha, and it was ‘a less separate and just city’. Almost every door. “

Kimara Snipes

“It’s about being connected to the community, understanding what the community wants, and having the integrity to do the right thing even when it’s difficult.”

Jean Stothert

“I don’t want the third term to write history. I want the third term to end many of the things I started. We are very dynamic. We are on the right path. “

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