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How do you know if your roofers did an excellent job

Dec 17

The good news is that poor roofing work doesn't require you to be an expert. It is enough to know a few key indicators. These indicators will let you know if your contractor Advosy did an excellent job or if the price was fair.

  • Drip edge flashing will be installed on your roof.

These are the areas where poor contractors try to make a profit off homeowners. Every edge of your roof should have drip edge flashing. This protects your home against vermin and water damage. For roofing shingles, drip edges are required. But homeowners aren't aware if their roofs have drip edges. Most roof leaks or moisture are only noticed by homeowners.

You should consider the gables and eaves if your room is covered in shingle. Each one should have a drip edge. The metal flashing connects the underlayment to the shingles.

  • Your roof appears uniform and even.

Your roof should be perfectly level at the end of every roofing job. Poor roofing work can cause a roof to look crooked. It will be obvious if the roofline is unevenly shaped or the color of asphalt shingles is not uniform.

The shingles are the roof's main focal point. They will do all the hard work to ensure your home stays dry. A good roofing contractor will begin at the base of your roof, and work their way up to the starter shingle. This will ensure that your shingles have a consistent appearance while allowing them to function well.

  • They use a high quality, underlayment.

This is important to keep in mind as your roofing is being installed. You should contact your roofing company immediately if they don't use underlayment. Every roofer who is qualified will use underlayment between the shingles and the sheathing. An underlayment can also protect your property from water and moisture leaks. It can prolong the roof's lifespan. It is an integral part of any roofing project.

A strong, waterproof underlayment will prevent your roof from drying during construction. It will protect wooden roof components. Synthetic underlays are used by professional roofers for their high strength.

  • They use flashing techniques that work.

Leakages are the leading cause of roof damage and home destruction. To seal any leaky areas such as chimneys or pipes, professional roofers will use a lot of metal flashing. It should be applied underneath the shingles and not over time. Counterflashing and step are required for chimneys. You can't do it with one sheet of metal.

If the roof is properly flashed and all penetrations are waterproofed correctly, you'll be able to tell that the roofers did an excellent job. This will help you save money on future repairs.

  • They clean up their work areas, and then leave it in exactly the same condition as when they arrived.

After your chosen good-year roofing contractor finishes a project, your home and surroundings should be the same. The best roofing contractors won't leave behind any construction debris, old roof shingles, packaging materials or other materials. The roofing contractors will dispose of these materials.