4 Omaha males are imprisoned for intercourse trafficking minors

Four Omaha men face life in prison for sex trafficking minors.

The United States attorney for Nebraska District accuses Thomas Holbert (aka “T”), Lance Harper, Dalonte Foard, and Glenn Whitney (aka “G” or “G-Lo”) of conspiracy to engage in underage sex trafficking and individual counts of sex trafficking in minors.

The US prosecutor says the men were involved in the recruitment and transportation of minors, and advertised online commercial sex acts with minors in various locations in and around Omaha and Norfolk. They say the men are also accused of using threats of violence and controlled substances to control trafficking in minors and young women.

Holbert, Harper, Foard and Whitney face life sentences if convicted. The case has been investigated by Homeland Security Investigations, the Nebraska Attorney General and the Omaha Police Department.

(Photo by Getty Images)

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