$ 500 Million Plan to Transform Omaha’s Crossroads Mall Space | Native enterprise information

The team has spoken to potential tenants but has not disclosed any. James said the COVID-19 pandemic “certainly had an impact” and delayed some discussion. He said he was not concerned about renting the Crossroads site as he described it as a prime location for office users, services, shops and entertainment venues.

“This is an important corner that you don’t want to be left out of,” said James.

Under the Lockwood Century plan, the main entrance will stay outside the Dodge corridor, but will be redesigned with modern accents and some retail, said Emily O’Connor, vice president of Lockwood. The old mall is to be replaced with a series of structures that include an estimated 500,000 square feet of office space, 250 apartments, 130 senior housing units, 150 hotel rooms and 200,000 square feet of retail stores.

O’Connor said there would be 150,000 square feet of “lifestyle” space like fitness, dining and entertainment options everywhere. Artworks, squares, and approximately 4,000 parking spaces – some surfaces and others in structures above and below ground – are planned.

According to Jude Beller, Senior Vice President of Development at Lockwood, a “Signature” pavilion is designed as a connection point, a symbolic intersection between the buildings of the hotel and the main office and entertainment center.

He said the tallest structure on campus could be up to 10 levels. Lower buildings are generally on the south side. The dense cluster would create a new skyline for central Omaha, Beller said.

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