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Mula in Omaha’s burgeoning Blackstone District offers a contemporary take on Mexican street food in authentic dishes south of the border.


By Sarah Baker Hansen / World-Herald Staff Writer

Further coverage of the 2015 Annual General Meeting: Omaha.com/berkshire

This is Omaha. Of course there is steak.

But you probably already know where to get this, if it’s one of Mr. Buffett’s favorites (Gorat’s Steakhouse4917 Center St. and Little ones, 2202 p. 20th St., in no particular order) or one of mine (Johnny’s Cafe4702 S. 27th St. and the driver2121 p. 73rd St., in no particular order).

There is also the winner of our best steak Food Prowl, Brother Sebastian1350 pp. 119th St .; I always suggest medium seldom.

Fortunately for Berkshire shareholders, Omaha is a food town, and there is much more to explore after that slice of red meat.

Here are my top deals on new places I want to visit since last year’s get together, as well as a look at some new places that have just opened in the Old Market.

In the heart of the new Blackstone District, Mula’s modern take on Mexican street food takes the ingredients found on the menus of Omaha’s South 24th Street restaurants, where you can find the most authentic Mexican dishes, and brings them towards the high end . My favorite example is the beef cheeked taco, which the restaurant sometimes serves as a specialty. At Mula, a waiter will tell you how tender the beef cheek is, even though it’s a lesser-known cut. On South 24th Street, the same beef cheeked taco may appear as a “face” on the menu. This is an example of how things can sometimes get lost in translation. Mula has been consistently good since I checked, and if you haven’t been there I encourage you to give it a try. Also, don’t skip the creative tequila drink menu.

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