A bunch of Omaha cops put together for the president’s inauguration

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha police officers have been invited again by the Columbia District Police Department to attend this year’s inauguration.

Captain John Sokolik is one of 13 officers traveling to Washington. This is the fifth time the Omaha Police Department has been invited to assist with security during the inauguration.

Captain Sokolik says, given the deadly riot that took place at the Capitol earlier this week, work safety will be a little more worrying at this year’s inauguration.

“Oh, I suppose yes, I think everyone is on guard,” Sokolik said.

“The officers we have selected are part of a group that is specially trained to handle crowds,” said Sokolik. “Preparations for this go back to the early parts of last year, so we worked to build this group to go to DC for almost nine months.”

Captain Sokolik says there will be an increased police presence at this year’s inauguration.

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