Bendheim Glass creates groundbreaking “lanterns” at the renovated Omaha Airport

NEW YORK, NY, May 5, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Bendheim, the leader in specialty architectural glass, announces its first project in the United States using the company’s Wall-F glass cladding system in more than one application: traditional Opaque walls available for protection against rain, as a second skin facade over a curtain wall and as interior wall cladding. The flexibility of the system helped create a common design language that unites different functional areas on Omaha’s newly renovated Eppley Airport by HDR Inc.

As part of a $ 89 million project to modernize the facilities at Eppley Airfield and the vehicle and pedestrian flow, several new buildings will be built in approximately 11,000 square feet of Bendheim’s decorative laminated glass. The lites are captured in the company’s nontraditional point-based siding system, eliminating the need to drill holes through the glass. The compression clip attachment method makes the system flexible and easy to use and effortlessly covers the wide range of applications.

The ventilated glass system will be used in several locations throughout the airport, including the car rental customer service building and at each entrance to the multi-story parking structure. It runs from the outside to the inside of the car rental center and goes seamlessly from a rain cover to an inner wall. In another key area, the system – with a mixture of clear and translucent cream-colored laminated glass – will be installed directly above the glass facade of the elevator tower.

Throughout the airport, the decorative glass system acts as a signpost and backlit walls that illuminate the area at night.

According to Taylor Nielsen, architect at HDR, “Other opaque backlit solutions were considered, but ultimately, cost-effectiveness and the ability to remove the panes of glass relatively easily became a major advantage of the Bendheim system.”

Bendheim’s technical design team is available to construction and construction specialists for system specifications, adjustments, construction, construction and detail drawings. You can find more information at

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