Bluffs Man is convicted in the Omaha Molotov Cocktail Case

A federal judge sentenced Steven Fitch, 25, to 30 months in prison for drinking a Molotov cocktail during protests and violence in downtown Omaha last spring.

The US attorney says Fitch will be serving time illegally possessing a destructive device.

After his sentence, he will be released under custody for three years.

There is no parole in the US Bureau of Prisons.

Fitch had pleaded guilty last fall.

According to prosecutors, Omaha police found Fitch with a Molotov cocktail in their pockets during protests on May 31st.

According to court records, it had a glass bottle with a red rag sticking out of a clear liquid; Douglas County Sheriff’s forensic investigators determined that the liquid was gasoline.

Investigators say Fitch also had several lighters in his pocket.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found that the device, which is considered a firearm under the National Firearms Act, has not been registered.

(Image by Omaha Police)

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