CARES Act Funding Says Omaha Is Largest Maskless Metropolis, Senator Is Working To Make Masked Mandate Doable, And Extra High Native Information For Wednesday fifth August

8/05/20 • Day 45 from Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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COVID-19 Relief Fund Challenge Douglas County’s Government

Douglas County received its share of $ 166 million on April 24. But months later, much of that money is still in an account with the First National Bank of Omaha due to unclear federal guidelines, structural issues, and bureaucratic deadlocks.

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Today we have stories that explain the CARES Act funding Douglas County received for coronavirus aid, revealing Omaha as the largest U.S. city without a masked mandate and a state Senator trying to change Nebraska law, so that Douglas County’s health director can implement a mask mandate.

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What to do during the quarantine

From our list of Things to Do During Quarantine::

Follow the leader

The children are told what to do every hour of the day. Let them find the way, the sounds and the movements and then be silly enough to follow them! It is an excellent workout and a good exercise in humility. Plus, according to a statistic I just compiled, if you are ridiculous, you burn up to seven times as many calories.

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