CenturyLink customers in Omaha are reporting a persistent outage

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha residents are searching for answers after experiencing internet connectivity issues with a business since earlier this week.

The Lumen name, formerly known as CenturyLink for residential services, has had internet connectivity issues in some areas of northern Omaha.

“Well, that was Wednesday, today is Friday morning and it still hasn’t been fixed,” said Rick Jones, CenturyLink customer.

It’s a growing frustration for other CenturyLink users as well. A neighbor on the 41st and Miami told 6 News that he has also had trouble connecting to the internet through CenturyLink for the past few days.

One person emailed 6 News, “Can you find out why customers in parts of northern Omaha, 68111 zip code that have CenturyLink Internet, became unavailable as of March 2, 2021?” And nobody fixes the problem, just automated recordings. They can’t even ask a technician to check the line for you. “

Rick Jones says it’s almost impossible to get a real employee to talk to you.

“Get a living person? Forget it, ”said Jones.

“What you get is an automated system. If you’re calling from your household’s landline, they actually know your phone number, so this helps. But when I tried calling her on my cell this morning, oh my god it was crazy, ”Jones said.

In the meantime, if Jones wants to use the Internet on his laptop, he goes to his wife’s workstation and connects to her wireless network. But Jones is retired and he feels for the people who have the same problems as him but more for those who need it for work or school.

“It has to drive people crazy who depend on how things are with people, depending on their service. You have to wonder what they’re doing and if they’re going to make it, ”said Jones.

Jones was told that the internet would be backed up at 8:00 p.m. tonight and in the end his internet would be restored around 4:25 p.m.

6 News tried to contact Lumen / CenturyLink by phone, email, and in person but couldn’t get anyone to speak on the matter.

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