COVID-19 restrictions are altering the Habitat for Humanity Omaha occasion

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Habitat for Humanity Omaha to change its annual housing construction event.

Habitat Omaha hosted a mega home building event for about a dozen years.

The annual Baublitz brought together thousands of volunteers and professionals. The team would build an entire block in about a week.

This year the Blitz changed to pro build for 2020. The work is done by professionals and highly qualified volunteers.

“Safety is our main focus, for our employees, for our families as well as for our partner builders and volunteers. That’s why we had to come up with this change, ”said Drew Lier, Habitat Construction Director. “It’s not safe to have the volunteers here. Our Blitz is usually a large event where we engage many people in the neighborhood and our community. “

The construction of the houses will take more time this year. Officials hope that six houses will be completed before the holiday season begins.

Habitat Omaha had planned to deploy more than 14,000 volunteers this year, but COVID-19 restrictions have brought that number down to around 3,000.

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