Coyote sightings around Omaha are increasing

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Reports of coyote sightings in the Omaha area have increased, and authorities believe this has something to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wildlife experts tell us that people see more animals because many of us spend more time at home.

“People are paying a little more attention this year because they are still inside because of COVID and have time to watch security footage and look out the window. So we’re getting more calls for coyotes this year, but I don’t think it’s a big increase in the coyote population, ”said Laura Stastny, executive director of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab.

In recent years, the coyote population has increased in urban areas. Officials say they’re seeing more in Omaha and Lincoln as well, but while the numbers are rising, there may not be as many wild animals as you might think.

A coyote captured with a surveillance camera northwest of the Omaha subway area appears to be a good size animal.

“Our native coyotes tend to weigh around 30 to 35 pounds,” Stastny said. “Some of the largest are 40-45 pounds, so you have large dogs or adult humans – you are in no danger of being attacked or injured by a coyote. They are much more afraid of you than we are of them. “

Although the coyotes do not pose a particular threat to humans, experts say we should continue to worry.

“I would say that it is very unusual for a coyote to attack humans of any size because, like all wildlife, coyotes consider humans to be predators. Even small people, but you can never rule out an injured coyote or a coyote who had trouble hunting to attack a very small human. “

If you see a coyote, experts say, don’t call the police unless the animal is an imminent threat to humans.

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