Dangerously cold days begin in the Omaha Metro

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The long stretch of very cold weather will burden various services in the Omaha metro region over the next few days.

No flames to report here at an apartment complex in Council Bluffs.

Firefighters tell 6 news that someone cooked with oil and that set off the smoke alarm.

But these sub-zero temperatures can mean dangerous business for firefighters.

The captain, who responded to the fire tonight, says fire hoses can freeze in minutes and anyone is prone to falls if it’s icy outside.

Capt. John Pier of the Council Bluffs Fire Department says, “Just freeze in minutes.”

First responders faced these temperatures all week.

The crews out here say it’s all part of the job until the temperatures rise.

Omaha Public Works said Friday that the city’s garbage collection will be postponed for a day on Monday due to the cold weather. Monday’s rubbish is picked up on Tuesday and Tuesday’s rubbish is picked up on Wednesday, with the rest of the week following a similar pattern.

FCC Environmental is asking residents to ensure that the carts are set up by 6 a.m. on the rescheduled day to ensure that the trash is picked up.

Residents can report missed collections on the replacement day from 7 p.m. to the solid waste hotline at 402-444-5238.

The cold also caused several Test Nebraska sites to close.

According to a press release from Test Nebraska, the Oakview Mall location was closed on Friday and will remain closed for the next few days until it reopens on Wednesday, February 17th. The Metro Community College locations for North and South Omaha will open at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Anyone who signs up for a COVID-19 test through TestNebraska.com should check for updates via text message or email.

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