Douglas County is pushing for a higher turnout at the South Omaha Vaccination Clinic

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An increase in the state allocation of COVID-19 vaccines as early as next week means additional shots for Douglas County.

While the county officials wait for those extra doses, they are trying to figure out how to vaccinate more people at a clinic in southern Omaha.

There is concern about how low the turnout was at the Kroc Center for seniors to get their COVID shots.

Officials say that so far only about half of the five hundred appointments for seniors 70 and over have been filled.

“Well, we certainly ask a lot of questions about it. I think one of the reasons you might not live in the neighborhood might not be very convenient for you to travel to, ”said Phil Rooney of the Douglas County Health Department. “And maybe there isn’t much of the 70+ population in this neighborhood that this clinic is for.”

Douglas County Health Department officials say they are working hard to get the vaccine into Omaha’s Latino community, a group hard hit by the virus.

“We will try to reach the meat packers by working with Spanish speaking radio stations. They are working with the Latino Center of the Heartland and some other community contacts to get as many people as possible to speak, “said Rooney.

Officials hope that more seniors will get their shots at the Kroc Center tomorrow. More vaccines are on the way. If Johnson and Johnson join the fight against COVID, more vaccines may be available.

“A week from today is a big day that Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine gets emergency approval in front of the FDA. If that’s okay, another huge amount of vaccine will flow in and they’ll stop producing as soon as it is is okay. ” d, ”said Rooney.

State officials believe that with the increased vaccine production and the possible addition of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, anyone in Nebraska could be eligible for a shot sometime in April, but like anything virus-related, that could change.

To schedule a vaccine appointment, visit the Douglas County Health Department website.

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