Eight golf carts were stolen from two Omaha City golf courses

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The warm, sunny weather challenged golfers today, but two courses in the Omaha area have fewer carts to drive.

Last month, eight golf carts were stolen from two Omaha City golf courses, and the thieves are not amateurs.

“They are real professionals and they know what they’re doing. They get in and out and need a covered trailer, ”says Bob Baber, City Golf Manager.

Bob says the thieves raided Elmwood for the first time, four golf carts were stolen late Sunday evening in March after a steel cable and thick alarm wire were cut. Although the alarm went off, the thieves escaped before the police arrived.

The gate to the golf course parking lot is locked, so it is likely that the thieves entered with a trailer and walked the cart lane with golf carts. Then four golf carts were stolen from the Knolls last week.

“They unscrewed the back here and could take off the tops and remove the cord that way and then pull the carts out like that,” Baber said.

Bob Hill Jr., who runs Tiburon and River Wilds, hasn’t lost a golf cart this season, but suppliers are screaming four.

“Because of the communication between the Yamaha and the Club Car, the big golf cart companies they mentioned, this is a huge problem in the Midwest right now,” said Hill Jr.

Hill says all of his carts are locked in the alerted barn at night, but street circuits like Elmwood and Knolls don’t have the storage space for the entire fleet. Other security measures are being increased.

“We implemented a few other things to prevent that from happening. I don’t want to tell you what we did, but we try to be one step ahead so it doesn’t happen again, ”said Baber.

Golfers say the cart thieves should be fined.

“They definitely belong in jail, holy wow, that’s just not right, especially for us old folks, we need them,” said Elmwood golfer, Paul Kaczmarek.

The city squares are self-sufficient and self-insured, so the losses come from sources such as green fees and not from taxpayers’s money.

The eight stolen golf carts are valued at approximately $ 6,300 each. Rather than having more surveillance cameras for the thieves to hide from, Omaha’s golf manager says it is probably better to invest in expanding the cart barns on the city’s four courses.

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