Emily Kinney releases “Omaha Lodge” single from upcoming album “The Supporting Character”

Jullian Records and actress / singer-songwriter Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, ABC’s Ten Days In The Valley) are pleased to announce “Omaha Hotel,” the latest single released in full on Friday April 9th ​​from Kinney’s brand new album, “The Supporting” Length was published character (Pre-order). Written after her uncle’s funeral in her home state of Nebraska, the “Omaha Hotel” is an examination of the life and experiences of Kinney through the lens of a busy actor.

“When I first moved to NYC, I didn’t often have the money to go back to Nebraska. And when I started booking big acting jobs, I didn’t have the time, ”says Kinney. “I was drawn to being an artist, spending time in big cities, and living a more temporary lifestyle – very different from the small-town farming communities where I grew up. I don’t regret it, but I know I am missing out on other important things. ”

Check out “Omaha Hotel” below!

Kinney has been busy over the past year, taking advantage of the endless days of social distancing and home time in 2020 to complete one of her most personal albums to date. The supporting character, produced by Benjamin Greenspan, touches on subjects such as heartbreak, loss, family history, creativity and personal growth, and finds that Kinney’s lyrical honesty approaches difficult issues.

While fans may know her best from her television and stage work, Emily Kinney’s career as a musician has always paralleled her career as an actress. By listening to her extensive discography, from early releases like Blue Toothbrush to 2018 Oh Jonathan, you can clearly see Kinney’s growth as a songwriter and artist. Her upcoming album, The Supporting Character, continues in that vein, underscoring her maturity as a musician while also shedding light on the aspects of her life that she is still learning to navigate.

Life in LA, for example, has always been associated with its own challenges. “It’s tempting to compare my progress with that of others, especially in a city like LA where so many people are doing so many cool things. “ She says. When the Midnight Fireworks Start explores this tendency to compare and sees how Kinney evaluates her own creative practice as well. “This song really explores the fact that I know that I work slowly and evolve,” she continues. “I tend to cut things away bit by bit, but I still feel like I’m on the right track and with my creative endeavors something special is about to happen in the future.”

Other notable songs on The Supporting Character include “Omaha Hotel,” the album’s title track, and “Genetic Makeup,” a trio of songs that touch on family history and the importance of strong connections with the people they know best. “For example, ‘The Supporting Character’ was written after spending a weekend with my father in San Diego before COVID,” she says. “I went home on the 5 and remembered that I was part of something that was much bigger than me. Life is really magical and goes by so quickly that I realized I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends and less time pursuing my career. “

In addition to songs about family ties and grief, Kinney also features a brutally honest track about her struggle with body image and the pressures women – especially women in public – face to be thin. “As an actor, of course, I’m constantly aware of my size and appearance, and some days I regret how much time I spend thinking about it,” she says of the song “Skinny”. “The choir talks about how I thought if you were smaller you would do better, but I realized that when I do the worst emotionally, I am the thinnest.”

Kinney is a prolific writer and an unstoppable force with multiple albums in the bag and more songs on the way. Their heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies can be seen on The Supporting Character – a captivating album by an artist that shows no sign of slowing down.

Tracklist “The Supportive Character”:
Omaha Hotel
When the midnight fireworks start
I was looking for you
The supportive character
Fifteen minutes

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