Extra particulars about deadly photographs printed on Omaha brokers

More details about the fatal shots at an Omaha broker have been released.

Douglas County Sheriff’s MPs say they believe they found the weapon used in the death of Michael “Mickey” Sodoro. Investigators say 70-year-old Sodoro planned to meet with a client, 43-year-old Ross Lorello from Papillion. They say Lorello is renting a house on 193rd & W Streets in Sodoro.

An affidavit shows that Sodoro was due to collect Lorello’s bail and first month’s rent on December 28th. When no one could reach Sodoro last week, his son contacted law enforcement. The next day, the MPs found Mickey Sodoro in the garage “in a crawling room covered with loose carpet remnants”.

According to court records, a forensic team found blood in an upstairs bathtub, blood stain on the banister and blood on the carpet in the dining room. A witness put a vehicle of Lorello’s fiancé in the driveway of the house where Sodoro’s body was found. According to the affidavit, video surveillance confirms that Lorello drove the black Ford Edge the night Mickey Sodoro went missing.

When interviewed, Ross Lorello told investigators that he signed the lease papers, provided the $ 9,700 in cash, and eventually left the house and locked up. He said Mickey Sodoro went to meet someone else and the victim parked his pickup truck with the engine running.

Investigators say a palm print on the edge of the bathtub, some of which was in the blood, has been linked to Lorello. A 22LR pistol revolver was also found in the trunk of the Ford Edge that Lorello allegedly drove, wrapped in a towel. Investigators wrote in the affidavit that the revolver had “five cartridges loaded and one shell fired” that were removed from the weapon.

Lorello is currently in Douglas County Jail for first degree murder. Investigators claim he once shot Sodoro in the back of the head.

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