Greater Omaha Chamber aims to recruit more businesses in the area

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An effort is being made to bring more businesses to the Omaha Metro.

The Greater Omaha Chamber says the pandemic has affected the amount of potential new business opportunities that could have come to the region.

Now they’re hoping to get back on track by attracting out-of-staters.

Richard Kessler is a co-founder of a start-up company.

It just launched at the beginning of the new year and is headquartered here in Nebraska.

But Kessler is not from here. He’s from New York City.

“I came here on a business trip and was really blown away by the beauty of the city,” said Kessler.

After this trip, he decided to found a start-up here.

“It feels like one of the best kept secrets in America.”

Greater Omaha Chamber executives hope to attract more people like Kelsser to the region.

The pandemic has put some of the economic growth awaiting the city on hold.

“In a normal year, we have between 15 and 18 brand new business prospects each month that we would maintain,” said David Brown, CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber.

The Chamber has a new campaign called “Imagine Your Potential” which aims to bring new business to the state.

The chamber says it’s about showing how the subway stands out from other places.

“The central location is a great advantage.”

There are also tax incentives.

Kessler says that’s a big reason he made the move.

“One of the things I looked at was the tax climate here in Nebraska, and also the tax responsibility not just of the government but the way everyone lives here,” said Kessler.

The chamber says if more businesses open or move here it will only benefit those of us who already live in the area.

“If we can keep the economy growing and bring businesses here, it will reduce the need for the government to raise taxes to provide services,” Brown said.

This will continue to help make the metro more attractive and competitive for future growth.

Kessler says it’s time for other small and medium-sized businesses from around the country to see what Omaha has to offer them.

“Hey, you’re here for a reason. You are here for the tax benefits, low cost living, and highly skilled workforce. You are here because of the quality of life, ”says Kessler.

The Greater Omaha Chamber says that over the past 16 years, thousands of companies have either expanded, moved, or started in the subway, raising more than $ 12.5 billion in capital.

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