Grocery lockers open in rural Iowa – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-06-08 19:03:57 –

Shelby, Iowa (KMTV) – Iowa cities are facing challenges. A local grocery store is closed and a grocery store owner opens a refrigerated grocery drawer to get rid of it.

Food is now readily available in the towns of Walnut and Shelby. That said, using a refrigerated grocery cabinet that was just taken out of the box.

“These rockers have been in use in the US for maybe 10 years and longer abroad,” said Theo Ramsey, co-owner of the Ramsey Market.

Ramsey is the owner of a Lenox grocery store that is committed to preserving the Iowa countryside.

“Flexibility is our head. We know this is not the answer for the next 20 years, but we will move forward as best we can, ”said Ramsey.

The mechanism is as follows. People can use lockers by ordering online through the Ramsey Market. The groceries are delivered to the locker, the buyer receives a notification of readiness for delivery and the code for the assigned locker.

“This is great for the concept of aging. It is also available for people who cannot travel well and do not want to travel far. You don’t have to move or leave your hometown, ”says Liesl Seabert. Iowa Department of Economic Development.

Seabert says it takes creativity and innovation to find a solution for the survival of the American landscape.

“I think it’s a community for community,” said Seabert. “The more examples we have to share, the more the community has control over their fate.”

Lockers are part of a pilot program funded by the Iowa Department of Economic Development’s rural initiative program.

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