Hillcrest Health Services hires more than 200 people – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – Becoming a healthcare professional requires the right type of person. Caregiver Lillian Warden says it was particularly important that he not be able to visit his family during the pandemic.

“I just love making her laugh and spending the day. Sometimes they can’t meet the family as often as they want, they just hang out and talk to someone there, ”says Worden. I did.

Warden started working in Hillcrest during a pandemic.

“My other jobs had previously been closed,” said Warden. “I received an email from my advisor who said there were a lot of vacancies and that is my goal at school. That’s how I got this job. “

“There may be a risk of getting into the healthcare sector, but we are always looking for something that will make programmers and individuals attractive to the industry so that we can maximize our employment position regardless of pandemics or economic change. There are customers who need care. Dunconaway, Hillcrest Health Services team member development director.

The guard said, “I was actually very scared of it. I `m ill? Do i have a fever? Is that just fear and nothing is important to me? I don’t want them to get sick. My main concern was to make sure they were safe. “

An added bonus to working at Hillcrest is that they offer free training and help employees obtain various medical qualifications and licenses.

“The most important thing we are looking for is the spirit to serve the elderly. You can practice your skills or teach someone to use the heuer lift, but train your mind. You can not. This is mainly what we are looking for. The challenge is to find these people among our employees, ”said the Hillcrest Caring Companions administrator. said Tim Martins.

To hire employees, they look to social media and offer hiring and referral bonuses.

“We have everything from qualified nursing to post-acute rehabilitation services to life memory support, and we also offer a variety of treatment services that we offer. “We do,” adds Conaway.

Hillcrest has both medical and non-medical aspects. Non-medically supported activities of daily living.

The greatest need they have now is to have more caregivers at home and in the community.

“Some things that we take for granted and can easily do are not easy for the aging person,” adds Martens.

Hillcrest Health Services offers monthly recruiting events. You can join one of them at (402) 682-4800 or contact them through their website.

Hillcrest Health Services to hire more than 200 people Source link Hillcrest Health Services to hire more than 200 people

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