Hope returns to Omaha nursing residence as COVID-19 vaccine is launched

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Places like Remington Heights in Omaha have been hit hard during this pandemic.

The home living assistant, like many others, had to close his doors to visitors. The vaccine gives hope that this long and stressful journey may almost be over.

“It was very difficult during the pandemic.”

These hallways are usually full of residents – they stroll around and socialize. But the pandemic changed life in Remington Heights.

The residents were cut off from their loved ones. It put an emotional strain on them – and so on the employees.

“There are times when we cried with them, Wave laughed with them, and it was very difficult not to hug them. At this point we are trying to be their family because they are not connected to their family, ”said Shelly Watson, General Manager of Remington Heights.

Not only were seniors isolated from the outside world, but it was also too dangerous for staff to organize group activities safely.

The coronavirus has even made it a challenge to have a simple conversation.

Watson said, “Many of our residents are hard of hearing. So the mask was a big problem because those who could read our lips can no longer do so with the mask, so communication can be difficult. “

But some hopes are starting to revolve around the building.

“We’re going to come out and actually run a vaccination clinic and give doses to both staff and residents,” said Mackenzie Farr, operations manager for Community Pharmacy.

Gretna-based Community Pharmacy will begin vaccinating residents within a few weeks. They expect to vaccinate 15,000 residents and long-term care workers within a month and a half.

“At Community Pharmacy, we call this project a hug because we want these people to have the opportunity to hug their loved ones again.”

Hopefully the tide of the pandemic will begin to turn and protect the most vulnerable. Just a few days from now.

“It’s going to make a huge difference, I think we are in the service profession and we are here to protect and serve them and part of that service is to get vaccinated because protecting them is very important “said Farr.

Shelly also said that while residents won’t get to see the traditional holiday this year, they still kept the building festive for everyone.

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