Hotel companies in Omaha are suffering from a pandemic

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha companies lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the past year.

The cancellation of major events such as the CWS and the swimming lanes have devastated the tourism industry and hotels in particular.

But the big announcement of the entire NCAA D1 volleyball tournament in town brings hope.

“We adjusted to vacuuming below 5 from preparing for our summer load of 85 to 95%,” said Kirt Trivedi of Anant Operations Inc.

The numbers for the past year are breathtaking. Kirt Trivedi oversees four Omaha metro hotels.

He has watched the once thriving hotel industry stall because of the pandemic. Finally, a year later, some good news.

This week the NCAA announced that Omaha will host the entire D1 volleyball tournament.

“This is an urgently needed boost for the hotel industry. Then of course the domino effect. Sales tax, accommodation tax. When more people stay in hotels, they stay in restaurants, they rent cars. Gas stations, convenience stores, there is a residual effect that goes to the end, ”said Trivedi.

Visit Omaha says the last four events alone will raise an estimated $ 8 million for the Omaha community. With 48 teams added, the impact will be even greater.

The big question now is whether fans can participate.

“We’re cautiously optimistic because 2021 looks really good on paper. We have a lot of events. I think 65 events worth about $ 167 million. What we don’t know is what the presence will be like, how comfortable it will be for people to travel, ”said Deborah Ward, Interim Executive Director of Visit Omaha.

Trivedi looks forward to sporting events helping to get the industry back on track.

“It’s sport. Sport is currently our biggest producer, ”said Trivedi.

A lot of details are being worked out for the tournament at the moment.

The NCCA says once the time and capacity are set for each game, they will make an announcement.

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