Housing values ​​in the small town of Sioux Falls surpass Pittsburgh and Omaha

There is no doubt that Sioux Falls has a hip housing market, as property values ​​in the area surpass that of larger metropolitan areas like Omaha and Pittsburgh.

Currently, an average of $ 312,855 is displayed for 636 single-family homes, according to the Sioux Empire’s Multiple Listing Service. Sioux Falls is one of many cities that have seen appreciation in value since last year.

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A variety of factors can add to the value of a home and Sioux Falls, like much of the country, has seen it increase. In a current ranking by SmartAsset, the city even took first place among young professionals, but the housing values ​​in Sioux Falls are in the middle of the price range for the same cities on the list, according to the housing values ​​via Zillow.

The hustle and bustle in Sioux Falls compared to larger cities can be due to many factors.

“Much of that may be the healthcare job market, and frankly the taxes are lower than places like Omaha where I lived,” said John Maurer, a realtor and REALTOR with over 18 years of experience.

According to Zillows Home Values, Sioux Falls ranks among other cities on the SmartAsset list.

  1. $ 465,406
  2. Nashville $ 331,860
  3. Madison, Wisconsin $ 317,786
  4. Minneapolis $ 318,146
  5. St. Paul, Minnesota $ 263,563
  6. Sioux Falls $ 250,639
  7. $ 230,326
  8. $ 207,813
  9. Cincinnati $ 199,689
  10. St. Louis $ 153,594

As a good measure of the Midwest, here are a few more cities with lower property values ​​than Sioux Falls, according to Zillow’s Home Values.

Fast City $ 249,668

$ 230,326

Columbus $ 200,515

Des Moines $ 166,178

But buying a home takes work for newcomers, young workers or lifelong residents.

“I am pleased. You have to be a little more creative now to find a place, but I’ve never had problems getting someone into a home, ”said Maurer.

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