Individuals in residential areas in Omaha are nonetheless caught

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Snow plows have gone through many residential areas, but the roads are still sloppy and slippery and many need a little help getting out.

For about 15 to 20 minutes, people in a neighborhood of Benson worked helping the driver of this minivan get off the block. The slippery roads and sloppy snow made the rescue difficult.

Dan Kenny lives nearby. This isn’t the first time he’s helped someone stuck in the street on a slope in front of their house.

“It seems to be getting slipperier every year. This is where most people seem to get stuck. I’m trying to help them as much as I can, ”Dan said.

In northern Omaha, Matt Weyant was alone trying to move onto a residential street. He’s having a hard time moving from 24th Street to Hartman.

“We centered ourselves high and I tried to rock it and got stuck. The back roads could be better, like 100% better. I say I would rate it around 40%, ”said Matt.

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Perhaps this rating is a little low because snow plow drivers don’t get much help in some parts of the city. Parking on either side of a narrow street doesn’t help and blowing snow back onto the street is against an Omaha city by-law.

In some parts of the city, however, the plow left its usual calling card for cars parked on the street.

“Well, my car was snowed in, plowed, driven down the hill and hit my son’s car,” said Norman Carr. Yes, it is really bad here. The snow plow came covering all the cars and practically had to dig it up. It was pretty rough. “

It’s been a pretty tough day for a lot of people trying to move out of their neighborhood. It took John Birch about 20 minutes to dig up his car, and more people in his neighborhood need to do the same.

“A lot more than a snowdrift,” said John. Honestly, I mean, you can see your car plowed, it’s pretty bad. “

We also notice a lot of garbage trucks in many parts of the city. Now remember that regular collection will be delayed for a day due to the snow storm.

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