Interview with Terrell McKinney, Omaha and the Police Officers Affiliation agree on a five-year contract, modifications to Medicaid growth necessities and different essential native information for Wednesday October 21st

21.10.20 • Day 38 from Phase IV • Nationwide case trends

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In an interview with Mind and Soul in the Morning, Democratic Senate nominee Terrell McKinney focused on changes he would bring to the criminal justice system by setting mandatory minimum sentencing and rehabilitation processes for convicted criminals. For the full interview, listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning 101.3 FM Here.

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Good Morning,

Today we have stories of Omaha’s new tentative contract with the Omaha Police Officers Association, new targeted health interventions, and changes to Nebraska’s Medicaid expansion requirements.

Top local stories

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In Omaha

  • Omaha City Council rejected the contract recommended by Mayor Jean Stothert to process the city’s recycling from 2021.
  • Mayor Stothert and Omaha Police Officers Association President Sgt. Tony Conner is expected to announce the terms provisional five-year contract Approval.
  • Political newcomer Jasmine Harris announced that she will challenge Stothert in the mayor’s race in 2021.

Around the state

  • A federal judge has denied a motion by the Indian tribes to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline.
  • New targeted health measures go into effect today amid a further surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.
  • Nebraska received federal approval Tuesday to introduce a two-tier benefit system for most Medicaid extension Patient.

What to do during the quarantine

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Go on a wildlife safari

Less than 30 minutes from Omaha, Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari is a four mile drive through North American wildlife. Get out of the car and hike to one of the lookouts to spot bears, wolves, elk, bison, pelicans, and other water birds. Camp outs and educational programs are also offered. The visitor center is open for 25 guests at a time, and the Pawnee Creek Food Trailer is also open for snacks.

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