It has been a day since the Omaha garbage collection was carried out while snow removal continues in the city

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Mayor Jean Stothert said during their Tuesday afternoon press conference that FCC Environmental will be lagging behind a day to collect trash and recycling for the city.

Today’s update is now complete. I’ll see you on the news in a few hours.

– Brian Mastre WOWT (@brianmastrewowt) January 26, 2021

The mayor said trucks were unable to start as early as they hoped due to road conditions after the blizzard on Monday.

Today’s rubbish will be picked up on Wednesday. The garbage collection routes on Monday will not be completed today.

The FCC will return on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to complete the garbage collection on Monday. Plus, they’ll be working on Saturday and probably also on Sunday to finish as many tracks as possible. The city says this will allow minimal delays for the rest of the week.

The city asks residents for help by:

  • Place your stuff and leave it out. Wait two or more days for your street to be picked up before calling the solid waste hotline (402-444-5328) to report a missed pickup (except as noted above for the Monday pickup area).
  • Keep the carts as accessible as possible. Residents should head out in your cleared driveway or in a cleared area by your curb. Do not place carts on or behind drifts. Dig up your carts when they are buried in a snow bank. Carts that are inaccessible or difficult to access may not be able to be picked up this week.
  • Residents whose carts are usually picked up in an alley and who are able to park the cart at the curb for pickup. Some alleys may not be able to be picked up this week.

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Omaha’s city engineer Todd Pfitzer informed about the snow removal. They are still working on the primary routes which are a bit unusual. Usually the primary route is done within a few hours.

The plows will be in the residential areas by 4 p.m. They doubt the plows will get into the rows of snow in the city center before Thursday.

The aim is to get people moving on the main and back roads and to work on clearing lanes for turning. Tonight people have to park on one side of the street or the other.

Omaha’s snow ban can be lifted on Thursday as long as the city doesn’t get more than a few inches of snow.

They say this is major surgery and they expect to work 12-hour shifts during the week and possibly until the end of the weekend.

Piles of swaths in the middle of Dodge and downtown are picked up on Thursday at the earliest. Also – the big plows are still on main roads. Usually they finish after a couple of hours and move on, but public works say because we have a foot of snow they are still plowing.

– Brian Mastre WOWT (@brianmastrewowt) January 26, 2021

Snow is gone. But there are other parts of the city that are slow, especially in the neighborhood.

Alleys are particularly problematic, so little space, so much snow. That is why we see the Dodge Central Plateau and the streets in the city center, which are not filled with cars during rush hour, but a snow blockade.

Aj Brown almost went the wrong way today and tried to turn onto Dodge before realizing the middle lane was filled with snow. He is not alone.

Urban plows have not used this option for a number of years.

“I have to put it somewhere,” said Aj. Where will you put it In your back yard? You have to put it somewhere. You do what you do when you get so much snow. “

Some other drivers got by chance thinking they might plow through the stacks to get to the other side. Some made it. Others left the evidence of failure.

Todd Pfitzer of Omaha Public Works said, “We haven’t plowed in the middle for 3 years. And unfortunately there are some who crossed the plume and got stuck. Yes it is a learning curve. “

Cole Barnhart said, “It’s been a while since we’ve had so much snow and people forget how to drive in it.”

The city crews don’t plan to pick up the stacks in the middle of downtown and on Dodge no earlier than Thursday evening. If they don’t, then cleaning up will be a lot more painstaking and time-consuming. Dig up snow from parking meters and sidewalks and transfer it to a dump truck.

Either way, if you don’t have a large SUV or truck, it’s a better alternative.

This Californian driver learned the hard way last night. This snow foot impressed even the experienced weather watchers.

I was in meteorology for the military for 20 years, Aj said. This is a scream. This is something else. “

Aj Brown had quite a morning, besides being unable to leave his driveway, his wife fell and broke her hip. We wish her a speedy recovery.

For snow removal, city crews are expected to work 12-hour shifts on weekends during the snow removal process. In addition, the city’s salt trucks were expected to follow contractors through the neighborhoods within the last hour to help melt them down.

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