Jean Stothert wins third term re-election as Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska – Ballotpedia News

Reigning Jean Stothert (R) defeated RJ Neary (D) in the impartial mayoral election in Omaha, Nebraska, on Tuesday, winning the election for a third term.

Unofficial results showed that at the time of its concession, Stothert received 67% of the votes for Neary’s 33%.

Stothert described her campaign as an attempt to continue projects that began during her tenure, such as developing the city’s waterfront along the Missouri. Stothert also highlighted their expansion of the city’s police force and the adoption of a loan package to finance road repairs.

Neary, a commercial real estate developer and former member of the Omaha Planning Board, described Omaha as “a great city, but one that has struggled with racial inequalities” more sustainable transportation system. “

Stothert is one of 25 Republican mayors among the 100 largest cities in the country. First elected in 2013, after beating incumbent Jim Suttle (D) by 57% to 43%, she won re-election for a second term in 2017 with 53% of the vote.

If Stothert has a full four-year term as mayor, she will become the longest-serving mayor in Omaha’s history. No mayor has served for more than nine consecutive years. Stothert has already served as mayor for eight years.

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