Kelly: The Omaha lady’s household are grateful for the attentive newspaper hauler Archive

At 5:30 a.m. on February 3, he noticed something when World Herald carrier Casey Ellerbeck threw a newspaper on a veranda in the Westgate neighborhood.

He saw movement through the glass in the front door. Then he heard a voice calling for help. He was able to open the door and found resident Virginia Pickett, 84, on the floor.

After falling and breaking a hip and wrist, she lay there overnight. Casey covered her with a blanket and called 911, and a rescue team arrived.

Her son, Rich Rybin, told me on Friday that the family are grateful for Casey’s vigilance and help. His mother, a widow, said she stumbled on getting up to answer her call and was there for about 12 hours.

She is recovering in rehab at Methodist Hospital, Rich said, and “is only doing fair”.

Your fall is a reminder for people who live alone, especially as we get older, have a cell phone with us, or carry a medical alarm device.

Premiere of “Man From Nebraska” in New York

This week, a drama premiered in New York, the title of which is sure to stand out in these parts: “Man From Nebraska”.

The man from Nebraska, Ken Carpenter, played by Reed Birney, revolves around the plot of a “middle-aged middle-aged man on a journey of self-discovery”.

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