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From the busy four-way Elmwood Park stop, step onto the UN’s Dodge Street campus and meander around University Drive South. UN Health and Kinesiology Building.

With a sharp roof that juts into the sky and dynamic window coverings that underline the eight-dimensional well-being of the campus, the sophisticated, ultra-modern space acts as a beacon for students, lecturers, staff and external visitors. Do. Despite its appearance, the community is a multipurpose space that has been on campus for 40 years.

The 240,000 square meter H&K building houses a health kinematics school, which is primarily part of the UN. Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences, not only offers the UNO Wellness CenterIncludes a range of services.In addition to the Campus Sapfield House and the Biomechanics Research Building, the building is functional and spacious and can accommodate up to 400 people in one room.

The door was first opened on January 14, 1980 as Health and Physical Education Recreation (HPER). At that time the campus area for sports was very limited, there was no pool or fitness center, classes at Sapfield House, “portable” buildings for other sports classes, concrete tennis courts, for outdoor recreational events that included the miniature field used.

In its early years, students called the building a “miracle” with a gym, pools, basketball courts, weight rooms, etc., but like everything else, it has to change over time. has been. Thirty years later, the building was renovated and reopened with many new additions, including an expanded pool, rock-climbing walls, and elevated boardwalks.

“The renovation and additional opening of the H&K building took place in 2010,” said Joe Kaminsky, Director of Campus Recreation. “The H&K building was completely renovated with around 150,000 m² of space and supplemented with 90,000 m² of new relaxation and fitness space.”

The importance of that extra square foot has benefited the facility in that it provides many services to students.

“The H&K building is a multi-purpose facility that houses an accessibility, campus recreation, counseling and psychology service center, Nebraska Medicine – UN Health Services, and Health and Kinesiology School,” said Kaminsky. “Services, programs, and academic courses are offered to students, faculty, staff, and community members (in some cases) in each of the eight dimensions of wellbeing (emotion, environment, finance, intellectual, work, body, society, and spirit). We will give you an opportunity.) “

In addition to the services offered, many may not be aware that the building offers various membership services.

“Students who pay college programs and setup fees are automatically members of campus leisure,” said Kaminsky. “Faculty and employees can try out the campus’ leisure activities and facilities for two weeks” free of charge “. “

The HPER facilities are also available free of charge to active service members when they are on vacation. Active service members with the appropriate evidence that they are on vacation have access to the ultra-modern recreational and sports facilities of the UN.

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