Little turnout as North Omaha Clinic resumes Johnson & Johnson vaccinations

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The COVID-19 vaccine transit clinic on the Metro CC Fort Omaha campus was open Thursday and state officials were again offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The US lifted its hiatus on the J&J vaccine last week after the CDC investigated the side effects. This enabled the J&J shot to be offered at the clinic in north Omaha on Thursday but did not attract the same number of people as it did in the past.

When the state of Nebraska opened a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on the campus of Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha earlier this month, the lines were long. Almost a month later, it’s a completely different scene: no crowded parking lots and no queues.

There were a few people who showed up later in the day, most of them preferring the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine.

“Johnson & Johnson was just that one thing, so I kind of like that and move on in life,” said vaccine recipient Andrew Knudsen.

Russ Knudsen said he and his wife immigrated because of the single-dose vaccine as well.

“I was in the medical field. I worked with Johnson & Johnson to get it, ”he said. “And my wife saw on TV this morning that this place was going to be here, so we drove here from Elkhorn.”

Officials say this is the first major Douglas County community clinic to offer the J&J vaccine since it was temporarily suspended after some cases of severe blood clots occurred in patients who received the syringe. But some of those vaccinated on Thursday said they trust science, and when the experts gave the OK, they took the vaccine.

“I guess I take it like … there could always be something that could happen. We take a risk with other vaccines and things like that, ”said Antaius Johnson, who received his J&J dose at the clinic on Thursday. “Of course, I trust the people who get paid for it, who went to school and studied it.

The CDC website states that women under the age of 50 should be particularly aware of the rare risk of blood clots following a J&J COVID-19 vaccination.

“The numbers are still so low – so rare,” said a woman in the clinic. “I’m a woman under 50 – it’s very risky for me and I still think, ‘Let’s get it over with.’ I want to get it over with – I’m ready to live my life. “

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