Liver leaves to die, Omaha man dies in custody, children’s park planned at lead factory, computer errors block COVID-19 aid and more local news for Monday, December 7th

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12/07/20 • Day 85 from Phase IV • Nationwide case trends

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Another round is a dirge sung by characters who hate their lives. If the Danish-Swedish film were set in America, “four disaffected, selfish middle-aged men in a conspiracy” would be the beginning of a story about white supremacy, a political party, or both. Instead, the film is just a more subdued, “sober” exit from Las Vegas, with Mads Mikkelsen literally dancing in circles around what Nicolas Cage did.

Top local stories

Good Morning,

Today we have stories of a Douglas County man who died in custody, a children’s park built on top of an old lead factory, and a computer glitch that blocked thousands of COVID-19 relief supplies.

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In Omaha

  • Omaha Public Schools said that Nathan Hale Middle School will switch to Distance learning lead into the winter break.
  • The Douglas County Department of Corrections announced that Death of an inmate On Sunday.
  • Designers have planned a Children’s park exactly where a lead plant once produced the poisonous heavy metal.

Around the state

  • Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana said Sunday the group will introduce Optional language in January for “full adult use” of marijuana.
  • A computer glitch with the company that manages some COVID relief aid Because Nebraska has resulted in some applicants missing support.
  • Nebraska attorney general Doug Peterson said Friday that other states are looking to Husker state for defense complain from the American Civil Liberties Union.

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What to do during the quarantine

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Worth a thousand words: Rudy Smith’s photography

The late Rudy Smith spent more than half a century documenting the blacks’ experience through his award-winning photojournalism. Shortly after his death in 2019, a book of his Omaha Black community pictures was published. On Sunday, December 13th at 4pm, a one-day live exhibition and panel discussion of his work will contextualize the implications of Smith and his work as part of O-pa’s “Voices AMPLIFIED!” Series. Links are available at one week before the event

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