Man accused in restaurant shootout of attacking Lincoln in Omaha Prison

The man, who is accused of killing two workers and injuring two others in a shooting at a fast food restaurant in Nebraska last fall, was charged with stabbing a fellow inmate in prison.

Roberto Silva Jr. was charged with second degree assault and using a gun to commit a crime related to the prison attack earlier this month, according to KETV.

Court documents state that Silva was found in a cell in Sarpy County Jail near Derick Fuller on May 12, and that Fuller had severe cuts to his ear and neck and superficial cuts on his body. Fuller received a stab for the cut on his ear and was treated in a hospital for a long cut on the right side of his neck.

Fuller told the officers, “He stabbed me” and “He knocked me out of the hand with something sharp and flushed it in the toilet.”

Silva refused to answer questions about the attack, and investigators couldn’t find the weapon used.


The prison video shows Silva rushing into Fuller’s cell and staying there for about three minutes, but it doesn’t show what happened in the room. Investigators said other inmates heard screams and something that sounded like someone was suffocating while Silva and Fuller were in the cell.

Silva was transferred to another Lincoln prison after the attack.

Prior to the attack at the prison, Silva, 24, was already charged with double first degree murder, double attempted murder and arson for setting fire to a U-Haul truck that he shot before 21/11.

The U-Haul was on fire when officials reached the restaurant in the Bellevue suburb of Omaha and found the four victims. Silva was unarmed when he was arrested nearby a short time later and was working with officers.

Silva is being detained without commitment in connection with the shooting. He has not yet appealed the attack but will return for a court hearing next Tuesday.

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