Man steals 300 religious areas from the Omaha family porch

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – This veranda pirate bundled from head to toe not only keeps warm, but also hides its identity from a ring camera.

Robin Merriweather said, “There is no window here, so we have one and we keep an eye on the neighborhood to see what’s going on. Many of us here care for one another in some way. “

When the veranda pirate runs to a waiting getaway car, a watchful neighbor can be heard saying, “Look back, you’re in front of the camera.”

Although the car is too far away to see a clear license plate, it is recognizable. For law enforcement, doorbell cameras are essential tools for catching suspects bringing crime to the neighborhood’s doorstep.

Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Assistant Director Wayne Hudson said, “There may be other houses in the neighborhood with a ring camera, and we can use these videos to identify the car and driver that way.”

The stolen package from the Merryweather porch is not large, but it weighs a lot to her. The couple had ordered 300 religious tracts, which they mainly distributed to the homeless.

When the veranda pirate opens the package, he will see someone love you and read about forgiveness. The Merryweathers believe the theft is a blessing to someone in disguise.

Cesia Merryweather said, “I hope you read it and think about it, oh wow, it was really worth it. I hope that they are morally convinced of this. “

“Someone is identifying them, we just want to tell them we forgive them and hope that they can come to us and distribute these tracks,” said Robin Merriweather.

The Better Business Bureau has the following tips:

  1. Log in to the buyer and track your package
  2. Look for an arrival notice and get it off the porch right away
  3. Some shippers allow delivery requests to be made in a location near your home that is not visible from the street

The Merryweathers received a new package of religious tracts that they hung up last night.

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