Marketing campaign ongoing to make sure Omaha minorities have COVID-19 vaccine info

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An information campaign about the coronavirus vaccine against minorities is running in north and south Omaha.

Traditionally, minorities are emptier of state institutions than non-minorities. Health officials fear minorities will not receive the COVID vaccine.

The campaign calls on community leaders to explain the benefits of vaccination and how safe it is.

Many plan to lead by example and get publicly vaccinated at the Charles Drew Center in northern Omaha.

Language is an issue in southern Omaha, so community leaders there are more creative.

“We have a young nurse who has volunteered for a series of videos. She’s Latina, she’s a mother, but she has offered to record her experience with a vaccine and she is ready to make videos so she can show that people can see her face and hear her voice and experience with that Vaccine and how it affects you and your family, ”said Ben Salazar, community activist.

Mailers will be sent out to the South Omaha community this week notifying people that the vaccine is safe and that if they have the opportunity to get the vaccine, they should be vaccinated.

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