Mates and neighbors keep in mind mom and daughter who have been killed in a home explosion in southern Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Just one house from the house that exploded Tuesday morning, killing a mother and daughter, and seriously injuring another family member. On Wednesday there was still debris on the lawn.

“It was the loudest boom I’ve ever heard,” said neighbor Danielle Stroch on Wednesday. “I was sleeping and it woke me up and I was looking out the window and it looked like the apocalypse or something so I ran out, it was horrible.”

The explosion killed 73-year-old Theresa Toledo and her 46-year-old daughter Angela Miller.

Two men were also seriously injured in the explosion, including Theresa’s grandson, 28-year-old Alexander Toledo, against whom she filed an order to protect the house on Monday asking for him to be removed. She feared he would “set the house on fire”.

Stroch and her neighbor – both trained medical professionals – were among the first to arrive on Tuesday morning.

“And when I saw the gentleman against the car, I called for a blanket to cover him up because he was very dirty and burned,” said Melanie Grabowski.

“It’s hard, especially at this time of year. It’s difficult at any time of the year. It’s just a shame this has to happen, “said Bob Macaitis, a family friend.

6 News asked what he would remember from most of his friends: “The food,” he said. “The homemade Spanish-Mexican food – it was authentic.”

Friends and neighbors gathered at the site of the explosion on Wednesday; a community that is still in shock and grief.

“Very sad,” said Grabowski. “Sometimes you can’t wrap your head around it. It’s just amazing or surreal. I just sit there and think about it, ”said Grabowski, noting that she will always remember Theresa Toledo’s home as the one with the beautiful flowers in front of the door.

6 News reached out to Omaha Police Department to ask if the grandson will be investigated given the protection warrant of the elder Toledo, who also owned the house. OPD did not offer any further details other than saying they were still working with the Omaha Fire Department on the investigation.

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