Member of Omaha Metropolis Council sworn in in controversy

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Colleen Brennan, a Democrat, will be sworn in as the seventh member of the Omaha City Council, which represents the southwestern part of the city, on Tuesday.

She is taking over for Rich Pahls, who is now a senator in the Nebraska Legislature.

Pahls and four other council members supported their appointment from 17 résumés.

It wasn’t long before Colleen Brennan started grappling with some of her blog posts on Race and COVID-19.

BM: “You are called a racist and a COVID denier.”

Colleen: I’m not. I am far from it. I expressed my support for masks and social distancing. I am in favor. I know it’s real You have one side that says it’s fake news and another that says that millions and millions are going to die. None of them are right. I kept saying that I shared two opposing parties with different opinions. You are not my opinion. These are other people’s opinions. My intention was not to cause controversy or more problems or to be inflammatory. I want to help. I can do that best. “

Right now, Colleen Brennan says she is up to date with the city council process and the thoughts of her constituents.

“My intention is to make it through the day,” said Brennan. Get sworn in and get to work. “

Questions were also asked about Rich Pahls.

Who resigns from their seat and can vote on their replacement? Is the place really free if you are still there and can vote?

The city’s interim prosecutor Matt Kushe told 6 News that he is not legally prohibited from voting on his replacement if he is voting on other matters during the meeting.

That seat expires in June and Colleen Brennan plans to run for the spring primary.

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