New businesses in the Omaha neighborhood are renewing the area

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – We saw it in Florence, Benson, Blackstone, and other areas of the city.

Neighborhoods that make a comeback as small businesses move in and renew the community.

One area that has been neglected for years is South 24th Street between Dodge Street and Leavenworth Street, but that’s changing.

Small businesses are moving into the corridor, including many specialty stores. The finishing touches to an apartment complex on 24th Street and Howard Street are in progress.

Naughty Buddha Burger is a minority owned company that offers a vegan menu. It’s not the kind of business you would expect here.

“Some people say why would you open there, but we don’t want to be in a cookie cutter community. We don’t want to be somewhere where everything is so beautiful and perfect. This is perfect for us because it’s a diverse community. You will never have a dull moment, that’s for sure, ”said owner Fatiah Ali.

The store opened during the pandemic and the owner says business is brisk.

The Grove Juicery and Wellness Cafe on Farnam Street was one of the first specialty stores in the area. There are more than regular customers with hotels and apartment buildings nearby.

“When people live in the neighborhood and walk around, it’s easier to access the store with more neighbors,” said manager Levi Frerichs.

Photographer Renee Quevedo noticed the company’s unique appearance. She is doing a fashion shoot for the Four Sisters boutique in Rockbrook Village in the cafe.

“We decided to come here because it’s so bright and honest, a breath of fresh air with the very modern atmosphere. That’s why we like that as a backdrop when we take photos,” said photographer Quevedo.

It may be a few blocks from a big city, but more and more new stores are popping up here saying, “We’re open to business.”

“With the population growing, we need to be able to renovate some of the buildings that may be a little lackluster and need repairs. So I support this not just in this neighborhood, but across the city.”

Keep Omaha Moving is also working to improve the area. The city is working hard to convert 24th Street into two-way traffic, improve sidewalks and accessibility for bicycles, and create more on-street parking.

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