New life for Omaha funeral home after devastating fire

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – After a fire ripped through a historic funeral home last year, the owner is recovering and his old building is finding a new purpose.

Across 90th Street is the newest Good Shepherd facility, the construction of which is finally completed in time for services to begin on Friday.

“It’s a very good feeling, I’m very grateful for how things have gone,” said Mike Hoy, owner of the Good Shepherd Funeral Home. “I really appreciate the level of fit and finish we have been able to put into this building, and I believe we can serve families well.”

Hoy’s building is state of the art with not one but two crematoria on site.

“That way, your loved one never leaves the custody of the morgue, which takes care of everything from start to finish,” said Hoy.

It feels like a fresh start to Hoy and his team that they didn’t know was going to happen after a noxious fire at their 24th Street location put the future of this building on hold.

“We bought the building in May, the fire on L Street, it was probably October / September when we knew we could go ahead with this project,” he explained.

Now their old location rises from the ashes.

“We donated it to Canopy South, a nonprofit in southern Omaha, so hopefully they can find some good use for the structure,” he said.

Although letting go of the old building is bittersweet, he knows that both places can help even more people in our community.

“The ashes grew into two great things to serve the families in this area,” said Hoy.

Immediately after the fire at their location on 24th St., Hoy bought a new building on 84th and L. St., he says that location will remain open as well.

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