New office opens up opportunities for better, better paying jobs in North Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A new government office in North Omaha hopes to support economic growth for the community.

State and local leaders attended a tape cut Tuesday afternoon to announce the official opening of the Department of Economic Development’s (DED) North Omaha Field Office.

“Every time we cut a ribbon, we create opportunities for people and companies to be successful,” said Mayor Jean Stothert at the ceremony.

“It’s a great day to work together for the economic future of North Omaha,” said LaVonya Goodwin of the North Omaha Business Improvement District.

The office’s goal is to help locals start new businesses, help existing businesses grow, and attract businesses to the area that will create jobs for the community.

“The beginning of the day is about recruiting a large technology and manufacturing employer that can be higher in scale, and then supporting our entrepreneurs here, giving them the opportunity to expand and giving them the opportunity to to work with large-scale companies, ”says Anthony Goins, Director of DED.

The office shares space with the Department of Health and Human Services on North 30th Street and Fort Street.

“We are looking for innovative ways to create jobs, encourage communities to thrive, and make families work to be self-sufficient,” said DHHS Director Danette Smith.

Goins and other leaders say this is the first step in a strategic plan to create more economic inclusion in Omaha and across the state.

“If you want to transform a community economically, you need to transform it with well-paying jobs and create career opportunities in that community. If you have well-paying jobs, people can buy houses, send their kids to college, and pay for their health care. This is business critical for this office, ”said Goins.

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