New Omaha enterprise proprietor sticks to excessive automotive rental invoice

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Despite the pandemic, the future looks brighter for a small business that recently opened in Omaha. But just before Christmas, an unexpected bill threw a cloud over the owner’s finances.

A penchant for collectibles prompted Heidi Koory and her boyfriend to open the store this month, named after an invaluable childhood saying.

“Olive juice, so I look like I said ‘I love you’,” she said.

The store was created during the pandemic; With no work, the couple worked instead to build inventory.

“When COVID hit, we were laid off, we didn’t work, we just searched and collected more things.”

But she never negotiated over $ 700 on a rental car bill.

“How am I supposed to pay for that? I just can’t pull money out of thin air for a bill that I didn’t expect and that I don’t have to pay, ”she said.

Your 2017 Hyundai was used twice for long warranty work last summer.

“They are supposed to cover my rental car fees,” she said. “I’ve never paid for a rental car and I wasn’t expecting to be billed for a rental car.”

But four months since Service Enterprise sent its invoices for a total of $ 700 outstanding balance.

And it’s not just about paying that unexpected bill. Koory is also concerned about the future financial implications. What if that bill dispute shows up on your loan later?

6 News emailed automakers corporate communications and received an email from Hyundai offering a full refund of the rental bill. The email stated that the dealers were interested in keeping customers happy so that this could be handled appropriately.

“It takes up a lot of my plate since Christmas is three days away, absolutely,” Koory said. “That’s one less bill to worry about.”

It also gives more juice to the tight budget for their new store.

Hyundai did not say why the rental car payment had not been paid or whether other customers had received the same balance due notice. But the dealership that handles the warranty work has since been sold, and the previous owner also promised Koory wouldn’t stick to the bill.

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