New Selfie Spot Omaha owner wants to celebrate individuality

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Find the best lighting. Perfect the angle. And snap away.

These are just a few of the ingredients needed for a successful time in Benson’s newest business, Selfie Spot Omaha.

The owner and creator, Aja Anderson, is a first-time entrepreneur. She says she was inspired after traveling the country bringing something unique to the Big O.

“I thought Omaha would be a perfect place to have this, given all the attractions we introduce each year.” Anderson explained.

But the vision for something fun and lighthearted became clearer, she says, after experiencing so much tension across the country. From the coronavirus pandemic to protests and politics, Anderson wants her business to get the most out of people.

“Laughing, smiling, feeling good … is something I think everyone can use right now.” She added.

Months of hard work, research, collaboration, and even some fears about starting a business in a rocky business climate finally came to fruition. At the beginning of January, the “interactive museum” opened its doors and welcomed the residents with a collection of nine handmade “selfie” rooms with 25 different sets for photo backgrounds.

Anderson said she wanted to make sure the rooms had something interesting for everyone. Men, women, children and people from all walks of life should be able to see part of their personality in these rooms, said Anderson.

Themes change every couple of weeks, but right now, visitors can find a Husker room, Valentine’s Day themes, New Years props, Spiderman walls, a vintage album set, and more.

Anderson is also on health security.

“I am a healthcare professional in my regular full-time job, so COVID precautions are extremely important to me.” She said.

Masks are required when navigating through the fields. Of course they come out for your photo, but as soon as you leave their “selfie team” come back to clean the items people are using and any other frequently touched surfaces.

Sessions are booked online in an hour and Selfie Spot offers professional photography for people who may need a little help finding the right movie.

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