North Omaha Restaurant serves soul meals with a aspect of historical past

The legendary Blue Lion Center is being renovated on the corner of 24th and Lake. The entire area is currently being redesigned. There is a sandwich shop and arts center and now a brand new soul food restaurant in the North Omaha Family Housing Building.

Welcome to the Omaha Rockets Kanteen; The pictures, posters, and artwork all honor Negro League baseball.

“We’re taking the artwork and bringing the Negro league players and the stories of when they were out and about, and life on the street and playing baseball back then, portrayed it’s an aspect of education from a historical perspective,” said owner Donald Curry . “It’s nice to learn something new.”

The people who came here learned a little bit about the Negro leagues, but they also come here for the food.

“It’s good that I had the Willie Mays Soul Food Wrap last time. I got it again had the red beans and rice. This time I get the mac and cheese. Try something different, it’s really good, ”said guest Andrew Kind.

Curry calls the kitchen “healthy” soul food; Many things are baked instead of fried, turkey instead of ham, which is used for seasoning.

“People should really want to eat in order to live. I mean, studies have shown that we have an obesity rate that is up there and a lot of fried foods just aren’t good for you and it’s a known fact. And I thought I wasn’t doing my people any service, let alone what the Negro League means to me if I didn’t elevate our people, ”Curry told WOWT 6 News.

The food and baseball attracted people from outside the area. WOWT 6 News caught up with some guests from downtown.

“I’m here for the first time. I was hired, ”said Denis Nissen.

“Just to see the new development and the restaurants. It’s an easy drive for us to have lunch here. It’s just fun to see the changes, ”said Melisa Sunde.

Curry and his new restaurant are counting on these changes in the region to make his restaurant a success.

“It’s safe to say that 24th Street – 24th and Lake is currently undergoing a revitalization. It’s a great time to get in, ”he said.

The restaurant is named after the Omaha Rockets, a semi-professional independent Negro League team that played in Omaha. The team played exhibition games against Negro League teams from the USA

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