Offensive check in downtown Omaha retailer causes social media storm

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture posted on Gulliver’s World Goods Facebook page is a source of controversy.

“I couldn’t believe anyone in our community would publicly put up a sign saying, ‘Don’t feed the wildlife, don’t feed the homeless.’ They are our brothers and sisters,” said Lisa Clark, who saw the post.

The sign is nowhere to be found. Gone as fast as it came. But the picture is kept being shared online.

“It was very annoying for me because I’ve been a single mother for over 16 years,” said Lisa. I’ve been on the verge of becoming homeless so many times. “

Gulliver’s World Goods Manager, Matt, claims he was even homeless for a while with no idea who put the sign outside of the store.

“It’s not me, this is not the property,” said Matt. We are compassionate people. Like I said, we housed, clothed, fed, I hired one here the first time we were there. Do odd jobs, paint, stuff like that. This is clearly not how we feel in their plight. “

However, a post on Gulliver’s Facebook page said it was “an extremely bad decision an employee made” and the employee was fired.

One of the co-owners of Gulliver, Chaz Kline, disagrees. On a phone call, Kline says no one was fired, they are investigating and taking full responsibility for what has been placed on their property. Clark hopes people will use this as a moment to reflect on and help those in need.

“Nothing is funny about homelessness,” said Lisa. And I really want to make everyone aware that during this pandemic and especially during this time in our society. We have to be kind to one another. “

According to other social media posts, the store next door had the same sign in its window. Multiple calls and a message to management were not returned.

Here’s a new sign that was put up at Gulliver.

New sign at Gulliver’s World Goods(PHOTO: Leigh Waldman WOWT)

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