Omaha Better Birth Project raises funds for new diaper program

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A new nonprofit called the Omaha Better Birth Project is working to reduce birth inequalities by providing grants for doulas and obstetrics. You have just started a diaper campaign to curb diaper poverty.

“Nebraska is actually seeing a greater need for diapers than the rest of the country. Many people do not know that. COVID has increased that need significantly, ”said Samantha Wall, executive director of the Omaha Better Birth Project.

On average, babies make eight to ten diapers a day – that’s about $ 80 a month.

“Diaper needs can have a huge impact on families,” she said. “That means they have to choose between buying food or diapers. And if diapers are not changed frequently enough, it is a major health risk for the baby and really puts families in a difficult position. “

In many day care centers, families have to provide their own diapers.

“If families can’t give these diapers, parents have to stay at home with them,” Wall said. “And many families are losing their jobs because they missed too many workdays because their baby has to stay at home.”

Omaha Better Birth Project developed the Fresh Start Diaper program.

“Our goal is to collect 7,200 diapers and 240 packs of wipes, and that would fund the entire first year of this program,” said Wall.

It will provide diapers and wipes for the first year of the baby to 20 families in Omaha.

You will collect diaper and wipe donations through the end of May at Float District, Resilient Health and Wellness, Popple Family Chiropractic and through your Amazon wish list.

In June they will submit applications for families in need on their website.

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