Omaha brokers cope with safety choices after the homicide of an area agent

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The death of Omaha broker Michael Sodoro draws the attention of other property managers in the area.

“We always arrive at the house early … we always open the house so that we don’t fidget with the lock,” said Birnstihl.

Jason Birnstihl has been a broker in Omaha for around 18 years.

He says going into a house with a stranger is a great stranger.

“We have had some experiences that you would consider scary or scary …”

Birnstihl says there are some protocols his company follows when showing a property.

“We always make sure that the buyer stays in front of us. Once you turn your back, you risk becoming a victim. It is therefore of crucial importance to have this personal contact, ”said Birnstihl. “There are even some places where we don’t follow a buyer.”

Birnstihl says it is important to have a possible escape route. He says that if you follow a prospect downstairs and stay near the stairs, it will help keep you safe.

Jeremy Aspen of the Wistar group says Sodoro’s death occurs near his home.

“We have a house to rent in this neighborhood, too,” Aspen said.

Aspen says some homework before a show goes a long way.

“We always get someone to send us a copy of a driver’s license. We get credit card information in advance so we definitely know who it is or have a way to go back to someone, ”said Aspen.

Aspen’s agents all wear safety devices.

“Pepper spray, I bought chirp … a really loud, irritating alarm … and I like this one best because it attracts people,” Aspen said.

He says agents can also wait outside and have the customer take a self-tour or even a virtual tour.

Aspen ultimately says it’s the agent’s call.

“There is no matrix that says whether this or that doesn’t go in.”

According to Birnstihl, brokers have to trust their instincts.

And there is an ultimate choice.

“Some of us are carriers of hidden weapons. This is not for everyone, but if you are comfortable with it and ready to do the workout, this is an option, ”said Birnstihl.

“You do not know from house to house what you will encounter.”

Brokers we spoke to also say the buddy system is a good idea, especially for women who may be uncomfortable. Brokers routinely call each other asking for company to attend a show.

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