Omaha Councilors propose raising the age limit for face masks for children

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Three Omaha council members plan to propose the age limit for the city’s face mask ordinance, which will be decided at the council meeting on Tuesday.

The current mask mandate, which expires on February 23, stipulates that people aged 5 and over must wear a face mask if necessary. According to the Council’s agenda, Councilors Brinker Harding, Aimee Melton and Vinny Palermo plan to raise the age limit to 12 years and older.

Brinker Harding says: “We listened to our voters. The expansion of the mask mandate with this change provides the desired protection and option to improve children’s lives and the effects of long-term mask use. “

Says Aimee Melton, “This amendment gives parents, schools and businesses the freedom to make sensible decisions about the use of masks for children while ensuring public health protection, which is largely supported by those I represent.”

The council is expected to vote on Tuesday to extend the current mask mandate until May 25.

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