Omaha eating places supply native supply providers to maintain employees busy and supply meals

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A local restaurant delivery cooperative is working to deliver family-sized meals to those in need while also helping locally owned restaurants during these troubled times.

Many of us have seen the long lines in the pantries, people looking for help to feed their families. All of these needs caught Clay Seaman’s attention.

“I’ve been helping people in Omaha for 20 years. People hurt my community, we need to help,” said Seaman.

Clay Seaman is the general manager of Omaha LoCo, a local third-party delivery service. Clay went to Douglas County Commissioners with an idea to help.

The idea of ​​helping families in need and helping locally owned restaurants keep their doors open.

The Board of Commissioners awarded Clay’s organization $ 500,000. These dollars are used for meal vouchers for people in need of food.

“We will be able to provide 7,000 vouchers for a family dinner of four or more, which affects more than 28,000 people in our area,” said Seaman.

Gladys Harrison owns Big Mamas Restaurant, one of forty restaurants involved in this effort. With the vouchers she can help those in need and their employees.

“Our restaurant has meals for people who have problems and in return we get paid for the meals that allow me to keep people working until Christmas. They know it’s vacation and we’ve been slow. The coronavirus has hit our floor line, ”Harrison said.

According to Clay, nonprofits that have helped feed families affected by the virus will be handing out the coupons.

“I’m only part of it. All of these organizations out there are helping people like Together Inc. and Heart Ministries and everything they have on the front lines, ”Seaman said.

This program will also provide jobs. Omaha LoCo is looking for drivers to help deliver these meals. Go to if you want to apply. The organizers hope to be able to publish the program next week.

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