Omaha, FCC Environmental is working to resolve rubbish disposal points

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Mayor Jean Stothert apologized for the problems with implementing the city’s new garbage collection services and apologized to residents for the problems that have arisen since FCC Environmental took over the routes.

“We really feel like we let people down in the first few weeks. We are frustrated, I am frustrated, ”said Stothert.

Stothert said that there are many reasons for the problems, but that they don’t make excuses.

“We apologize … we will fix it,” she said.

Last week’s corrective actions to address the garbage collection delays resulted in a successful completion that improved from 93% in the first week to 99.5% in the first two days, the mayor said.

On Monday November 30th there were approximately 2,900 missed collections. There were 260 missed stops the following Monday, she said. The city has around 46,000 garbage collection points every day, she said.

Yesterday today about 3,000 stops will be picked up on Tuesday as crews were still working to catch up on previous delays, the mayor said.

FCC Environmental has made other changes to improve the services, Stothert said.

  • Additional trucks and drivers were used. Two employees came from Texas and three from Florida to work in Omaha.
  • The FCC has expanded its fleet by four rental cars. Two arrived on Monday; two more will arrive today.
  • FCC is hiring additional employees on site. Twelve take background exams and drug tests.
  • The FCC crews will carry out pickups on Saturday as they did last weekend if necessary.

To help residents get rid of the old cans and trash cans, a second drop-off point has been added in the hopes that the pick-up processes will also be streamlined, the mayor said. Used empty bins and green wastebasket can be brought to Under the Sink at 4001 S. 120th St. or dropped off at the FCC at 5902 N. 16th St..

The mayor also said that working hours were extended and staff were added to answer the hotline and the mayor’s public words. She advised people reporting a problem not to call both numbers to report the same problem.

“We promise very good customer service,” said the mayor.

The city had multiple requests for additional carts, it said, noting that around 3,000 have been delivered and that there have been 620 more requests for a third cart. All customers should have these extra cars by Christmas, she said.

Special collections services for people with disabilities and the elderly have also increased significantly. The city originally received 2,400 such requests; Now they have over 7,000 which adds time to any route as such requests mean workers often have to go to the garage or house to get these carts.

The mayor said about 20% of the stops, about 9,200, had an exception that needed to be treated, like extra trash lying outside the cart, carts facing back, customers using an old cart, and so on continue. The FCC anticipates that the exception rate will drop to around 3% after starting the routine.

Because of these types of issues, stops that should take around 12 seconds per household can take more than a minute if employees have to get out of the truck to continue waiting for the stop.

To aid in streamlining, the mayor is asking residents to make sure that all trash, garden waste, and recycling is in the carts and that those carts are three feet apart – with the arrows in the right direction – and as close as possible possible the curb as possible.

Customers are required to leave their trash by 6 a.m., and garbage bags must have a prepaid sticker facing the street. Recycling is collected every two weeks.

Watch the press conference on Wednesday

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