Omaha firms are responding to Nebraska’s new DHM

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Targeted health efforts in Nebraska have once again changed.

6 News spoke to some local companies who said how they are dealing with whiplash.

It’s been an absolute roller coaster ride of a year for companies that have to constantly change how they run their businesses, but some on the subway are trying to find consistency in following the rules.

Over the past year, several local businesses said they obey the rules but are trying to make it easier for themselves – keeping capacity low so they don’t have to switch seats and set up every time the case numbers go up or down.

Like many other companies, Spielbound had to take many of its employees on leave at the beginning of this year. It wasn’t until August that they felt safe to do more than take away. Since then, they have kept capacity to a minimum so the rules can change again.

It’s not a decision they made lightly. Spielbound is a passionate project for director Kaleb Michaud, and learning to deal with the limitations put her in a difficult position.

“Our business was a small part of our business in March, and we had to completely transform that to now turn it into an online game store where you can buy games for pickup or shipping. Otherwise we wouldn’t be open today, ”said Kaleb Michaud, Director of Speilbound.

Back in the day, most of their business consisted of people who would come in and play games and have a drink for a few hours.

But now that many choose to stay home and stay safe, it doesn’t seem to be anymore. And they’re not the only ones opting for stricter DHMs.

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