Omaha goodwill gives new employees up to $ 1,500 in recruitment awards

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Labor shortages are a real problem for many companies, and a lot of those companies are right here in the subway. To solve this problem, Goodwill of Omaha calculated costs and offset cash incentives for new employees.

“We have a hiring bonus, so we’re offering up to $ 1,500 in bonuses on some positions to motivate them to work for us. We’ve also adjusted our health, dental and visual benefits,” says Erin Blackledge , Human Resources Director for Goodwill Omaha.

They hope immediate benefits, on-site hiring, and free training will help people want to work for them. They have open positions in their HR department as well as many retail jobs.

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“We provide training for employees on the job. We have many programs that can help you acquire skills and computer courses. We can help you get into college. They can help you get your GED. They name it, we can help you.” it, “says Blackledge.

There are several other barriers to the shortage of people returning to the workforce. These include fears of COVID-19, inconvenience and costs for childcare, and earning the same or even more money with the pandemic-related federal aid programs.

“You have a purpose in life, you can support your family, you can learn skills. You can make a career at Goodwill,” said Blackledge. “It’s only better for your life to get back to work.”

Goodwill Omaha also offers retirement plans that can help you turn a job into a profitable career and climb the corporate ladder.

Adds Blackledge, “I started out as a HR novice and am now the director. Goodwill invests in their people, so if you want us to have a career that is more than just a job, we’ll help you turn it into a career.” do.” “”

And if you think you might want to go back to school, they offer tuition reimbursement as well.

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You can also call or email: (402) 951-2924 or [email protected]

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